Wonderlexicon musings give a glimpse into who I am, how I think, and the zeitgeist I bring to storytelling.

Cultivating the Curiosity Habit

Spiritual discipline for me is really about staying curious. Especially in moments when I want to shut down or be right, or have my way or when I feel wronged by someone else.

So I practice.

I practice noticing what I’m feeling without attaching to a meaning. I practice noticing what my impulse is before I act on it. I fail and I forget, and I get interested in the experience of failing and forgetting.

Maintaining Balance is an Oxymoron

Maintaining balance is an oxymoron for me – I don’t know that I ever achieve a balance to maintain.

It’s more of a perpetual negotiation between competing priorities…that I hope even out over time. 

In 10 Years

I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years, but I think it’s more interesting to know that in this moment there’s the potential for something to happen that could absolutely reshape all my plans and concepts.

Contending With My Discomfort

How do I contend with my discomfort? It really depends on the day.

Over time, it’s become less about contending with my discomfort and more about befriending my discomfort.

The Stranger Game

Something happens when you imagine looking at the world through the eyes of a stranger – aversion becomes compassion.

I think it’s impossible to really imagine someone’s circumstances and not fall a little bit in love with them.

The Art of Unraveling

We’re often presented with bland, predictable, happy-endings on film but I prefer the raw, messy poetry that unfolds when life unravels.

What Scares Me?

What scares me other than the usual? Watch this video to find out.


Ending My iAffair

I don’t remember when things changed. I went from someone who was decidedly antagonistic towards mobile technology (my phone was kept on silent way before talking on the phone was gauche) to a veritable iPhone fiend.

Not too long ago, the thought of bringing my iPhone from my desk to my bathroom would’ve seemed absurd, shameful even….and yet, that’s what I do now.

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Quixotic Travel Gifts

As someone who considers travel nearly as essential as oxygen, it’s always embarrassing when someone inquires about somewhere I’ve been, and I can’t come up with any useful information.

I loved Bhutan, the couple of times I went to India and Sri Lanka were magnificent, I was all but ready to move to Laos, I’ve watched Cambodia transform through several visits over a decade, and I’ve been entranced by Europe practically since birth.

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A Closet Full of Selves

I’m all about experiencing the world from the inside out, but sometimes ostensibly superficial stuff like fashion is just as potent as inner work when it comes to stretching our understanding of the proverbial multitudes we contain.

Whether it’s the buttoned up elegance of a high collared blouse, the provocative irreverence of black leather pants, the reassuring comfort of an old ratty t-shirt, or the unapologetic flamboyance of a red dress, clothes tell a story.

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