ACTOR. ( _____________*). WONDER SEEKER.

*I generally eschew labels; they feel confining and presentational. But I get it, they serve a function. Since this is my website, I get to label myself—and there’s something about claiming an undefined space as my centerpiece that feels spacious, exciting, and absolutely right. (      ) is my joyful admission that who I am is a mystery to me. It’s my quiet protest against the cultural habit of letting what we do stand in for who we are. It’s a celebration of identity as an open question, not a foregone conclusion. And it’s a declaration of the frontier I’m most interested in exploring as a person and as an artist – the unknown, unscripted place where anything can happen. Confused? Intrigued? Great, me too! Hit me up and let’s have a conversation! MORE ABOUT ME

I like dreaming; I spend copious amounts of time hanging out with my imagination. I like meditating; with all that daydreaming, it keeps me in touch with reality and fills my reality with awe. I like learning; I’m an avid reader and a student of the world. I’ve travelled extensively since childhood and I’m mystified by the vastly different ways people move through this life. I like wondering; I’m curious about human behavior, our limitless combinations of dreams, heartaches, habits, and tastes. I’m curious about relationships – the marvelous-strange intersection of temperaments and priorities that shape how we create, struggle, and love. Internal narratives fascinate me. But unlike shrinks (and I’ve known my share!) I have no interest in analyzing or categorizing the delicious eccentricities of human nature. I want to know what it’s like to experience ways of being other than my own, and I want to share that broadened perspective through the magic of storytelling. Because stories are fun. And more than anything, I like to play; it’s why I chose, and choose, the work of acting.




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